3 Month Loans

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How can a 3 month loan help you?

Firstly, it is a relatively short term loan which means that you are not tied into a long term credit agreement. This is beneficial in that you pay off your debt quickly.

Secondly, many people prefer a 3 month loan over a very short term loan, such as a payday loan. The reason is that it provides more financial flexibility by spreading the instalments.

Thirdly, and directly related to the aforementioned reasons, a 3 month loan is preferable to other short term loans because you reduce default risk. If you can spread your repayments into smaller chunks, the benefit to your finances is immediately apparent; you can allocate a fixed more affordable sum towards the debt each month.

The fact that you only have a loan for 3 months, means that you are going to repay if quickly but in bitesize portions when compared to the traditional one month, payday loan.

More lenders have wizened to this and want to offer these loans to their customers. Indeed, feedback from our own customers strongly supports this. As such, we have become specialists at this type of service product and are in a uniquely good position to helping you to secure the funding that you need.

Another advantage of instalment loans is that once repaid, your credit file reflects how you managed your finances.

In effect, this means you are only 3 easy repayments away from improving your overall credit score. Often this is an overlooked feature of short term loans that can in fact be highly beneficial in the longer term.

To apply is straightforward, the information that we require from you is no different to that of any other similar product and we can assess your eligibility without needing to check your credit history.